The “Fregate Island Private Resort” in the Seychelles, frequented by the rich and famous, is one of the most beautiful, idyllic and pristine resorts in the world.
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The Resort is owned by Dr. Happel (currently #519 on the ForbesWorld’s Billionaires list). In 2006 the resort was already 3 times re-thatched in 9 years at a massive cost and lost in revenue and down time. First with Cape Reed, a premium natural thatching material, then with special longevity treated thatching material and then with Bali Thatch also known as Alang Alang. When Fiber Roofing arrived millipedes were dropping on the beds and floors of chalets and the roofs were insect invested compostheaps with Hadida birds feasting on the roofs.
We knew that the FiberThatch system would solve all the problems and sold it. We were allotted the contract but had to complete the more than 10,000 sq. meters (100,000 sq.feet) within 4 months. Getting the materials, tools and workers there was a logistical nightmare and our factory had an already full production schedule.We also had to look after our existing customers. Four months later the project was completed – the first of the Fregate achievements!
Recently, almost 8 years later, the resort had its web page re-done. (See ) The original roofs were photographed again. 
Our real achievement! The roofs looked as if they were done a few months ago. No hurricane damage (before they needed storm nets), no colour fading, no degradation and not one dollar spent on maintenance!! Is there any other resort done with natural thatch in the world that can claim the above?……….Except for the 50 odd resorts done with Fiber Thatch. If action and a track record can speak for production capacity, on time delivery, product lasting and reliability: Is there any other company that can outdo us?…………….Please let us know?
Allow us to be part of your next achievement!