The future of Fiber Roofing:

Jan Grobler, the founder member of Fiber Roofing is approaching the big 70.
He introduced a succession plan to ensure that all the loyal
distributors, customers and the staff are looked after.
Jan intents to be around for many years to guide and steer
Fiber Roofing to even greater heights as Chairman.

Jan and Miriam Grobler

He appointed Danie Vorster and David van Staden as Directors to run the company with him.
Danie Vorster has been Jan right-hand man for more than 25
years and has been involved in the marketing, sales,
manufacturing, management and also the development of
every product being manufactured.

Danie Vorster and Family

David van Staden has been involved behind the scenes for a number of
years. He started and trained as a Quantity Surveyor. He was a senior
Manager in a number of large corporate companies and worked all over
the world on many different projects.

Them becoming directors will ensure that the ship will continue to sail in the same manner it has for the previous 40 years.

David van Staden and Family