Our goal at Fiber Roofing is to provide synthetic thatch replacing natural thatch that will give better insulation (R-values) than natural thatch, will be 100% waterproof, will not burn with a life expectancy of 50 years plus maintenance free.

Please study the following:

All synthetic thatch manufactured in the world is only a decorative, artificial layer, seldom more than 25 mm (1”) thick (Click to see).

The main aim is to simulate natural thatch.

Fire rating is Very Important!!! (click here and read to understand)


Just as important is the sub roof

What is the use if the sub roof will burn???

What is the use if the the synthetic layer will last 50 years plus, but your sub roof starts disintegrating after 10 years???

Fiber Thatch Sub Roofs

The FR-MO Boards

Fiber Roofing demanded a Class A fire rated board coated with a Class-B fire rated Flexi-Seal waterproofing membrane.

The board is based on the production technology and formulas of standard MgO boards adapted to use in a sub roof application.

The Flexi-Seal Water Proof chemicals has been adapted so that the application of the membrane can be professionally applied in the Fiber Roofing factory. The waterproof colors are tweaked to blend in with the Fiber Synthetic Tiles. The joints are sealed “on site” with a special membrane and chemicals supplied in kit form. Stainless steel screws and staples are supplied.

The Fiber Roofing 20-year Synthetic Tile Warranty are extended to cover the complete Roof!!!

If Fiber Roofing can, we will never again use shutter boards, marine ply, any timber roof ply boards, or OB boards

The main characteristics of the FR-MO Boards are:
• It will hold up to a direct flame of more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. (See the pictures below)

• See the Technical Data Sheet and performance charts of the FR-MO Boards. (click here to view)
• See the superior performance in every category when compared to traditional wood, gypsum and cement-based boards. (Click to open the page)
• See the Technical Data sheets and performance charts on Fiber Flexi-Seal (Click to open the page)

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Fiber Thatch Sub Roofs“‘

You will have 50 year+ maintenance free roof!!!