The Fiber Palm Story

35 Years ago, Fiber Roofing made its first Cape Reed Tile. We perfected a binding method by embedding Cape Reed stalks into a Polyurethane strip. This method has since been tested in every possible condition worldwide.

When we started manufacturing 15 years later synthetic tiles we used the same tested polyurethane binding method. At that stage, we had already sold more than 1 million Cape Reed Tiles worldwide. The polyurethane strip had proven itself.

To extrude synthetic thatch particles, we “partnered” with International raw material suppliers such as BASF, Clariant and SASOL.


Our Fiber Reed Synthetic Tiles became the first choice on projects across the globe for architects and resort developers.
Due to the unbelievable success of the Fiber Reed Synthetic tiles worldwide Fiber Roofing was approached with requests for Synthetic Palm thatch.

It was easy to use this proven materials and methods to create and manufacture the perfect Fiber Palm tile. We only changed the shape and
colours of the extruded material from a round to a leave like shape. We changed and refined the synthetic leaves until we matched all the different types of palm leaves imageable.

Still nothing was taken for granted.
After we had the perfect Fiber Palm tile the tiles were tested again for quality, durability, wind uplift, UV and fire rating. The results were identical to the Fiber Reed tiles with its perfect 20 years track record. Only then the tiles were introduced to the global market.


Since the Palm Tile introduction in 2014 we have manufactured more than 100,000m² of Fiber Palm Tiles.

Fibre Palm Tile Projects completed in the last 4 years:

Projects to be noted:

The Chester Zoo in the UK (HMJ Design-Denmark)

During 2015 the company’s capability was tested when Chester Zoo in the UK required thatch to be matched with the natural material being used from many different parts of the world. Initially the Architects wanted to buy from different suppliers believing it would be the only way to match all the roof styles and different material types. Fiber Roofing took samples of all the types of natural thatch and we were able to match each and every type. The complete order was awarded to Fiber Roofing. There is no other location in the world where so many types and styles of synthetic thatch can be seen grouped together.

Other Zoo and Theme Park Projects:

  • South Lakes Safari Zoo – UK
  • Woburn Safari Park (478m²) – UK
  • Kristiansand Dyrepark ASA – Norway
  • Erlebnis Zoo – Germany
  • Fota Wildlife – Ireland
  • Djurs Sommerland – Denmark
  • Skansen Akvariert – Sweden
  • Attractiepark Toverland – Netherlands
  • Hanover Zoo – Germany

The Limba and Twiga resorts in the Congo: The architects (Keldi in France) required Synthetic Palm Thatch to match natural Makuti Palm Thatch. Fiber Roofing provided samples which resulted in both resorts done with our Fiber Palm Thatch

The AL Bahar luxury villas at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel for the Jumeirah Group in Dubai:
Because of the prestige value of this project every manufacturer of synthetic thatch quoted on this project.
The contract was awarded to Fiber Roofing.






Dubai Parks Development:
When the Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed announced that Dubai will be building the biggest entertainment park in the world, the Dubai Safari Parks Development, Fiber Palm was the material chosen for the Marriot Flagship Lapita Hotel complex in the resort. Bollywood Dubai and Lego-land Dubai, also part of the Dubai Safari Parks Complex also chose Fiber Roofing Synthetic Thatch for their respective thatch themed needs. Again, these projects were awarded against every synthetic manufacturer in the world.


Fregate Island Private Seychelles ± 10000 m²
La Digue island Lodge La Digue Island ± 600 m²
Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie La Digue Island ± 4500m²
Crown Beach Resort Cook Islands ± 2300 m²
Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove Mahe Island ± 1200 m²
Sunset Beach Hotel Mahe Island ± 1500 m²
Le Relax Hotels Mahe Island ± 200 m²
Allamanda Retreat Australia ± 250 m²
Indigo Beach Resort Saudi Arabia ± 4600 m²
Kat Project Obhur Saudi Arabia ± 2900 m²
Abdul Latif Jameel House Saudi Arabia ± 2400 m²
Ocean Park Summit Hong Kong ± 1200 m²
Mount Hartman Bay Grenada, West Indies ± 200 m²
Dublin Zoo Ireland ± 600m²
Hanover Zoo Germany ± 2200 m²
Chester Zoo United Kingdom ± 1466m²
Burger Zoo Netherlands ± 300 m²
Quilalea Azura Mozambique ± 240 m²
Paramount Pictures “The Hobbit” New Zealand ± 800 m²
La Reserve Hotel Praslin Island ± 1200 m²
Cap Lazare Mahe Island ± 400 m²
Magic Reeve Bungalows Raratonga ± 1400 m²
Roncari House Puerto Rico ± 800 m²
Harrington House Constantia South Africa ± 540 m²
Ras Recidance Camps Bay South Africa ± 300m²
Business Hunt Botswana ± 250 m²
Montego bay Resort Jamaica ± 2460 m²
Twiga Project Congo Pointe Noire ± 1800m²
Limba Project Phase 1 Congo Pointe Noire ± 3100 m²
Jumeirah Hotel Beach Villas Dubai ± 4300m²
Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park Norway ± 1000 m²
Drakmoor Manor Zoo United Kingdom ± 500 m²
Faunistic Park Le Cornelle Italy ± 300 m²
Lapita Marriot Hotel Dubai Parks Dubai ± 24000 m²
Lagaan Bollywood Studio Dubai Parks Dubai ± 500 m²
Island Development Zil Pasyon Felicity Island ± 5400 m²
Lego land Dubai Parks Dubai ± 340 m²

Refer to Fiber Photo Gallery for images of the above projects. Feel free to Google and Phone any of these references.
Some more interesting info:
First ever project: Fisherman’s Cove SeychellesNote: Chalets (lighter colour) completed more than 20 years ago. The management had never spent $1 on roof maintenance. The darker roofs (Natural Thatch) were already rethatched 4 times and the big roof has been destroyed by a fire since.

First ever Fiber Palm project: Magic Reeve Bungalows, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Important: This resort owner will never spend any money on maintenance and the roofs will look the same in 50 years’ time.

Solar panels can be fitted to Fiber Synthetic Thatch, Something not possible with natural Thatch.

Roofs overlapping is possible with Fiber Synthetic Thatch, but can never be done with natural Thatch. Further roof angles of 10 degrees is possible with Fiber Synthetic Thatch; Not possible with natural Thatch.

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