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Here is what we’ll do for you COMPLETELY FREE of charge:

1) We will help you understand:

  • Approximate Costs: Not just for the FiberThatch products, but approximate labor costs as well, whether you use our installation team or your own
  • Time Estimates: We’ve completed thousands of roof projects on all continents in all types of settings, and can provide highly accurate installation time estimates
  • Shipping Costs: We’ve been shipping our synthetic thatch products for decades all over the world and understand associated costs and insurance needs
  • Building Codes: We’ve installed thatched roofs in over 50 countries, and can help you figure out your local building code requirements
  • Special Climate Requirements: Our experience and focus in synthetic thatch roofs is unrivaled by any other company in the world. We’ve installed roofs in all climates under all types of weather conditions.

2) We can help you avoid:

  • Avoid Common Measuring Mistakes: We know how to make a roof look spectacular, without see-through spaces created by incorrect thatch tile layering. We’ll help you figure out exactly how much thatch you’ll need so you don’t run out of tiles mid-installation.
  • Avoid Planning Mistakes: If you need your roof installed by a certain time frame, we can help create a realistic time-table for a successful installation.
  • Avoid Common Installation Mistakes: We are the #1 thatched roof experts in the world, and we are routinely hired to fix the mistakes of others. We’ll be glad to give you tips on getting the job done right the first time.

3) Once we understand your unique needs, we will:

  • Send you FREE samples: We will ship to you, free of charge, samples of the products most relevant to your needs so you can examine them closely before making any decisions. You can keep them even if you don’t end up working with us, free of charge.
  • Send you a Copy of Our 20 Year Guarantee: Provide you with a copy of our 20 Year Guarantee so that you can examine it closely before you make any purchasing decisions. We want you to be completely comfortable with your decision to work with us.