When it comes to resort roofing projects, there is no other company in the world that has our track record or level of expertise. If you’re an architect or a project manager, this should be of utmost importance to you, because your reputation and your professional relationships will depend on the success of your project. If your projects are not completed on time, or if there are defects with the materials, your clients and your superiors won’t really care about excuses… It won’t matter that a roofing company you chose didn’t deliver on time, or that the installation took longer than expected because of poor roofing design… All that will matter is that the project is late, and if that’s the case… then you’re costing your clients money. This affects your reputation, your earning ability, and future growth in the industry.

Your reputation is our business!

If you’re an architect or a project manager who’s looking for a real partner in the industry, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Fiber Roofing we’ve helped over two hundred of architects and project managers during the last four decades. And just like we’ve earned their trust by delivering above and beyond expectations, we’d love to eliminate some of your worries and give you the support you need on your next roofing project.

But why should I work with Fiber Roofing instead of some other company?

As you’ve searched for the right roofing manufacturer to meet your needs, you’ve probably come across a few other companies that may have been around longer than we have, or construction firms that generate more revenue. But here’s what you have to keep in mind: 1) it’s not about how long a company has been in business, but how long management has been consistently building the company’s culture of excellence, and 2) construction firms that generate more revenue do so because they sell a variety of products without understanding the intricacies of proper thatch roofing.

How does this affect you?

Let’s consider the problem of simply looking at a company’s age… There’s a great saying that goes something like this “When hiring someone who claims to have 25 years of experience, make sure you’re not hiring someone who’s had 1 year of experience 25 times in a row.” What this means is that many companies often get comfortable when they see some initial success, so they start to focus on making money in the short term, and completely forget to continuously build their experience and improve their solutions.

But not Fiber Roofing. Throughout our entire 38 year existence, we’ve always been cognizant of the need to innovate and to build our expertise. That’s why we didn’t just make a few products and pat ourselves on the back, but worked hard, through trial and error, to build our expertise and our manufacturing capabilities… We made it a point to work hard on improving our solutions proactively so that our clients could finish projects faster, while increasing durability of their structures.

Furthermore, we focus strictly on roofing solutions with the exception of a few auxiliary products, like fencing. We’re not a construction company that sells anything and everything under the sun. We are proud to say that we are a genuine roofing company, and we focus on delivering the best roofing solutions to our architects, agents and resort partners. This strict focus on roofing gives you access to unparalleled experience in this area and a proven track record of being able to deliver large scale projects on time without compromising quality.