LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT ONE OF OUR BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENTS – FREGATE ISLAND  SYNTHETIC THATCH: A MUST SEE VIDEO (2 MINUTES VIDEO) Fregate Island is a beautiful private resort in the Seychelles, owned by Dr. Happel (currently #519 on the Forbes World’s Billionaires list). The island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean and is home to an abundance of birdlife. The island is the sanctuary that helped save the ‘Magpie Robin” from extinction. The island features some of the world’s most amazing beaches with white sand, crystal-clear waters and has a very unique ambiance that focuses on exclusivity and that sought after  absolute relaxation and recharging of its rich and famous guests. In fact, the resort “Fregate Island Private” is one of the most exclusive resorts in the world and accommodation rates can run several thousand dollars per night!   [Not a valid template]   In early 2006 we were contacted by Mr. Portier on behalf of Dr. Happel. They had a massive problem:
  • At the time the resort had been in operation for about 9 years and the roofs had already been re-thatched 3 times by conventional thatch roof contractors! The time down and loss of revenue were tremendous.
  • The original thatch roof contractor used Thamnochortus Insignis (a member of the family Restionaceae, more commonly referred to and known as “Cape Thatch Reed”). Even though this is considered by thatch roof experts as one of the best species of vegetation for conventional thatch roofs, it did not measure up due to the extreme humidity and very regular daily rain that caused the roofs to compost at a vastly accelerated tempo. The condition of the roofs were so bad that it had become an embarrassment and had to be totally re roofed after only a 4 years period.
  • When the re roofing was done, the contractor used thatch that had been pre treated with special chemicals that were supposed to slow done the composting process. Unfortunately after another 4 year period the condition was just as bad as with the original thatch used and the process had to be repeated yet again!
  • Out of desperation, Fregate Island Private jumped out of the proverbial pot into the fire and thatched the entire resort with Bali Thatch, also known as “Alang Alang.” The Bali thatch was installed to a very thick 30 cm thickness. After only 18 months the Bali thatched roofs were starting to disintegrate due to the accelerated decomposing. Again “Fregate Island Private” were faced with this recurring nightmare.
  • To say that they had very serious problems with all the thatch roofs of the resort on the island is truly an understatement.
  • Fiber Roofing were contacted  and requested to quote on replacing the current thatch with Fiber Reed Synthetic Thatch.
  To add to the resort’s misery, the roofs had become infested by giant millipedes and other insects that continued to flourish in the insect paradise that was being used as roofing. We were told that millipedes were falling from the roofs landing in the beds with the guest causing pandemonium!  A total nightmare for one of the world’s most exclusive resorts for the rich and famous! Dr. Happel’s own private Chalet complex was in an even worse condition! These chalets are perched on a cliff top, facing the brunt and onslaught of the ocean and its cyclones. This regular onslaught caused the inferior roofing to be torn apart by the hurricane winds. This was a major challenge that forced island management to cover the chalets roofs with cargo netting in an attempt to limit the damage and keep the roof from flying right off! ENTER FIBER ROOFING…
  • In June 2006, Jan Grobler, Danie Vorster and three other thatch roof experts flew to Fregate Island on a fact finding expedition. When they arrived, the “Alang Alang” had been on the roofs for only 18 months and had already decomposed so badly that there were literally holes in the roofs (you could put your hand through them!). Our claim that we are the most experienced and best roofing company in the world were put to the test.
  • We were given the almost impossible task with a nearly impossible deadline: To convert all the roofs on Fregate Island within 4 months!
  • The task entitled to re-do the roofs of the entire resort, approximately 10.000 square meters, in less than 15 weeks.
  • Delivering supplies to the island was problematic. Lack of infrastructure, mobilisation and transportation for the Fiber Roofing team and an unusually busy production schedule all contributed to the challenge at hand.
FIBER ROOFING OVERCAME ALL ADVERSATIES! We are proud to say that Fiber Roofing had stellar success. Not only did we replace 10.000 square meters of roofing in just 4 months, but we gave the island a truly exotic feel with specially-designed roofing panels and installation techniques. We were able to guarantee that no storm nets would ever again be needed to keep the thatch from disintegrating. Now, almost 8 years later, “Fregate Island Private” still has those same roofs we installed in 2006. Not a dollar was again spent on roofing maintenance. The roofs look as if they were thatched yesterday! If actions speak louder than words, then our track record is shouting at the highest pitch possible: “Fiber Roofing has a unique insight and understanding of the needs and challenges faced by resort projects through years of first hand practical experience gained through numerous successful turnkey projects that have been completed.” If you’re an architect, quantity surveyor or a resort manager, seriously consider Fiber Roofing for your next project to ensure peace of mind and a guaranteed success. Give us a call, or send us a mail by clicking here. We are not just another construction company or Synthetic roof manufacturer, but a roofing partner for life.   The Year 2016   Four Major contracts were awarded and every thatch manufacturer tendered. Fiber Roofing were awarded all Five contracts, an accomplishment that we believe company has ever accomplished.
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