Toverland Attractic Park Sevenum

Here at Fiber Roofing our focus is on big projects that require a highly professional approach. We’ve worked on hundreds of resorts and special repair projects, and even though we like all of the work we do, we especially enjoy working on zoo and theme park projects. Why? Because zoos and theme parks are very special places where people go to form special memories with their loved ones – and we take pride in being an indirect part of this experience.

We understand that if you manage one of these locations, your patrons don’t just come to enjoy your specific amenities, but to feel a certain ambiance – to feel something new and share experiences with those around them. After all, a zoo isn’t just about the animals, but about new experiences. A theme park isn’t just about the rides or the costumes, but about its ability to make you feel like you’re in a completely different world. It’s these experiences and these emotions that keep your patrons coming back, and our job is to use our thatching roofs to create the type of ambiance in your park or zoo to achieve that sense of wonder that your patrons so much enjoy.

Our specially-designed and durable roofing materials are an excellent choice for your next zoo or theme park construction or renovation. Our thatch roof will give your attraction a rustic feel, with an installation that will last longer than any other thatch roof on the market. Furthermore, depending on the weather conditions near your location, we can use specially-formulated chemical treatments to address humidity and insect damage. In some cases, we may even use synthetic roofing which looks completely realistic, but doesn’t rot or fade! In fact, such synthetic roofing is what we used in Toverland Attractive Park Sevenum:

toverland Attractic Park Sevenum – a Case Study

The Toverland Park is a large venue near Sevenum, in southeastern Netherlands. The park features a number of attractions for all ages, and is divided into several sections based on age and interests. It even contains several hotels for overnight accommodation and has many fun activities for the entire family.

One of our dedicated agents, Henrik, reached out to us in 2012 when he was approached by toverland management to upgrade a number of thatch roofs on the property. The roofs were completed several years prior by another roofing company, but had started to degrade from environmental forces, and in some places, the roofs were completely coming apart. This was, of course, unacceptable for management because, after all, who wants to bring their family to a park that has patchy roofing with a run-down appearance?

After carefully analyzing the needs of Toverland Park (including weather conditions, budgetary constraints, and installation deadlines) we worked closely with Henrik to create a roofing solution that wasn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but addressed all of the short term budgetary concerns of his clients and long term concerns about durability.

For example, in our analysis, our proprietary planning calculations showed that the local weather was one of the biggest factors causing the rapid degradation of the plant material in the roofing panels installed by the previous roofing company. Also, there were obvious mistakes in the original roof installation, leaving large gaps between the thatching panels. As the material started to degrade due to humidity and rain, these gaps quickly became visible and gave the roofs an empty, rundown appearance.

Working closely with our agent, we designed a solution that didn’t just make the buildings look pretty, but gave park management a long term solution that did not require constant upkeep. For example, instead of using natural roof tiles, we used our proprietary FiberPalm panels, which are completely synthetic! This provided the park management with a solution that wouldn’t degrade, wouldn’t rot away, and could withstand rain and winds of much greater force. And the best part? Our FiberPalm roofing panels look JUST like panels with real reeds and grass!

Now… That addressed the environmental issues and weather-related durability, but we also wanted to create an amazing visual effect for the client. To do this, we overlaid several levels of roofing panels to completely eliminate any gaps between panels, ensuring that even if one panel somehow came loose several years after installation, there were several more layers that would prevent any gaps from becoming visible.

The entire project was completed in less than 2 months and visitors to Toverland Park have now been enjoying the sight of these roofs for nearly 3 years. This project was also a huge hit with park management, since they’ve finally solved their problem of having to make room in their budget to keep replacing their thatch roofs.

But we couldn’t have found this solution if it wasn’t for the feedback we’ve received from all of our clients, architects, and agents over the years. It is their input and real-world problems that have helped us develop a highly effective array of solutions for any resort, zoo, or theme park. No matter what climate you are in, no matter the humidity or strength of wind gusts…we have the experience to find the right solution for you.

Just give us a call at (+27) 11 903 9204 or drop us a line here with any questions. Even if you’re just starting to think about your project, we can give you valuable insight into potential issues to avoid and ideas you can use to further develop your concept. Don’t be shy. We’re here to help!