Synthetic Thatch To Avoid

Synthetic Thatch You Should Avoid


Below are various photos of Synthetic Thatch manufactured by a variety of manufactures from all over the world as alternative options for natural thatch. 

The perception is that the goal that all manufacturers are trying to achieve is to provide a long lasting, maintenance free, realistic looking alternative to natural thatch. 

The reality is that more often than not the goals are only used during the sales pitch and the main driving force is to make a quick buck.  Sadly, there are literally hundreds of small extrusion companies wanting to “make a fast buck”. 

Resorts, Hotels and House Owners with natural thatch roofs wanting to get away from the problems associated with natural thatch, will often, without a proper investigation, invest in synthetic thatch, believing that any synthetic thatch will solve their problems. 

Sometimes for the sake of saving as little as $2 to $5 per square meter they will gamble and buy this inferior synthetic thatch.

Fiber Thatch is a quality drive product range that assures peace of mind for the Resorts, Hotels and House Owners alike.

Examples of inferior synthetic thatch.

The photos below say it all!!! All the images below were found after doing a google search for   “Bad Synthetic thatch.”

Well known synthetic brand names.

See the image below, often it will be sold as a quality product. Sometimes it is just a copy? Sometimes outsourced to the lowest bidder to manufacture? little if any quality control? No UV resistance? some products even have sawdust mixed in to the master batch to skimp on polymer. No warranty!!

The reality could be as shown below.

*No Warranty

*Color fading

*Brittle material

*No longevity at all!!