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Why you should get a FiberThatch Quote Today:


  • Our Synthetic Thatch (FiberReed) is Guaranteed for 20 Years, but
  • Will last up to 50 years!
  • Our synthetic thatch doesn’t rot or decay
  • No toxic mould (prevents health hazards)
  • Birds, rodents and bugs can’t eat it (no disgusting infestations!)
  • No additional maintenance costs!
  • FiberThatch technology withstands winds of over 180 k.p.h!
  • Not susceptible to sun damage (doesn’t fade!)
  • Looks just like the real thing (see pictures below!)
  • FiberThatch is a technology designed specifically for harsh climates

Benefits of Our Synthetic Thatch:

  • Save Money Now and Later
  • Eliminate Maintenance Headaches
  • Save on Insurance Costs
  • Eliminate Health Hazards (no allergies or bacteria)
  • Decrease chances of storm damage
  • Reduce Fire Hazards
  • Create a beautiful ambiance for your visitors
  • But Don’t Take Our Word for It – Take a Look at some of our Client Success Stories, below!

Problems with Natural Thatch:

  • Lasts only 2 – 15 years, depending on climate
  • Natural thatch is essentially dead once harvested, and the plants can’t protect themselves from elements
  • Moisture from rains becomes trapped in natural plant material and speeds up decay
  • UV damage from the sun fades color
  • Moisture inevitably causes mold, rot and a bad smell
  • Birds, rodents and insects like millipedes eat away at natural thatch, and worse, leave toxic excrement

FiberThatch Technology: Two Customizable Synthetic Thatch Solutions!

Our FiberThatch Technology was used to create two amazing product lines; FiberPalm (synthetic leaf thatch product line) and FiberReed (a synthetic reed thatch product line), so that you can create the exact ambiance you want. Both are highly durable artificial thatch products that look just like the real thing!


a Synthetic Leaf Thatch Alternative



a Synthetic Reed Thatch Alternative


Why Choose FiberThatch Technology Over Other Synthetic Thatch Products?

  • FiberThatch Technology is the result of 18 years of meticulous research and development.
  • All our synthetic thatch(FiberReed) is Guaranteed for 20 Years, but will last up to 50 years!
  • A highly durable synthetic thatch solution that looks just like the real thing! (no kidding!)
  • Designed specifically to withstand harsh winds, monsoons, and UV radiation
  • Will not become infested with bugs or rodents
  • Will not grow mold or toxic bacteria
  • Will not fade over time
  • Our company, Fiber Roofing CC, has been in business since 1976, and has provided advanced roofing solutions for thousands of clients!
  • Our experienced installation team can install your new roof in any part of the world (we’ve installed roofs at some of the most exclusive resorts and park attractions in the world)
  • If you want to install the synthetic thatch yourself, we’ll provide guidance free of charge
  • We can custom-design synthetic thatch tiles to any specification
  • Our company is experienced with building codes around the world and can help guide you through the process

Don’t Settle for Inferior Synthetic Thatching Solutions

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