Fiber Poles

Fiber Poles
Eucalyptus CCA Pressure
Treated Poles

Why buy Fiber CCA P/T Eucalyptus Poles from Fiber Roofing?

When you study our site you will see that the quality, specification and technical data is the same than many of the rustic pole suppliers in South Africa, but…

Your decision should be made on Our Global Clientele Base!!

Apart from having more than 50 Agents (globally) selling our products, there are more than 100 Zoo’s globally that have bought Eucalyptus fences and poles from us, and more than 100 resorts, many of them part of big international groups, that again and again buy.

Our clients buy because our prices are good and because we deliver as promised.

contact any our clients on our clientele list, get a reference, understand our business etiquette and values and know that we can be trusted

It is a shame but a fact that many clients, in spite of “watertight contracts”, burn their finger buying internationally.

There is not a single client in the 40 years that we have been exporting to that has ever lost a single dollar: That is something we are extremely proud of”

says Jan Grobler, Chairman at Fiber Roofing cc, who is more than 70 years old and very proud of the company he founded more than 40 years ago.

Jan and Miriam Grobler

Eucalyptus CCA Pressure Treated Poles (Fiber CCA P/T Poles)

Fiber Roofing has been exporting A-Grade P/T Eucalyptus grandis poles for more than 30 years globally. All Our Fiber CCA P/T poles are SABS & NRCS approved

See measurements below:

Because of container lengths, we are limited to 12 metres

Dropper Diameter And Lengths

Thin CCA P/T gum poles are mainly used for fencing:

32/50 mm in diameter and 1.2m to 3m is length.

Lath Diameter And Lengths

Thin gum poles used horizontally on rafter or fences:

25/32 mm in diameter and 1.5m to 4.5m in length.

Some More Information

CCA is an acronym for Copper, Chrome and Arsenic- which is what treatment mixtures consists of. The Copper and Chrome compounds makes the poles weather resistant and the Arsenic guarantees that no timber-eating insects damage the poles.

All our poles are treated with CCA to level H4. In accordance with SAWPA( South African Wood Preservers Association), H4 treated poles are more than sufficient to be used for High Hazard- ground contact needs to limit end splits and cracking.